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13 Non-gaming Apps Your Kids Will Love

Your smartphone is a useful tool for work, staying in touch with your friends and family and playing Flappy Bird. However, there is one other important way you can use your smartphone—as a babysitter. Kids love phones. It’s almost comical in a way; even the youngest kids seem to know ... Read More »

13 Ways Your Smartphone Keeps You Safe

Smartphones are an essential part of everyday life for many people. According to a January survey by Pew Research, 55% of Americans have a smartphone. That means there are a huge number of people out there who have an iPhone, Galaxy or other device. While most smartphone owners use them ... Read More »

13 Ways Technology Is Changing The Food On Your Plate

Technology has the power to change everything, including the food that you eat. Advancements in technology have changed food culture in a variety of ways, some subtle and some obvious. In an increasingly technological world, people relate differently to food and food itself has been altered. 1. Fewer cooks are ... Read More »

13 Reasonably Priced Technology Gifts

Whether you have an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or graduation, technology gifts are always appreciated. Here are 13 gifts that will impress but won’t break the bank. 1. Chromecast ($35) Chromecast is Google’s first major push into the home entertainment industry. Chromecast is about the size and shape of a USB ... Read More »