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13 Doors Hackers Can Use To Access Data

As fast as tech companies create data security solutions, hackers find ways around security and into your data. From well-known doors to Internet trickery, here’s a look at how cyber criminals are scaling the walls of your virtual defense and how you can fend them off. 1. Weak Passwords You’ve ... Read More »

13 Tech Innovations That Aren’t As Scary As They Sound

Technology themes have plagued nightmares for decades, helped along in part by Hollywood portrayals of murderous robots, stolen war machines, and AI that wants to wipe out the planet. In reality, things are much less dire and even the scariest sounding tech has a positive impact. 1. Drones Unmanned aircraft ... Read More »

15 Methods Of Securing Your Cryptocurrency Wallet

All cryptocurrency is stored in a file that is called a wallet. If you lose this wallet, or if it’s hacked, you will have no way of getting your money back. For that reason, you need to maintain the security of your wallet at all costs. 1. Keep a copy ... Read More »