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Siri Problems 5 Tips To Make The Voice Assistant Work Better

It’s possible that Siri sometimes won’t listen to what you say, or it has trouble understanding you. If that also happens to you, you can try these tips to remedy these problems. This will also ensure that the assistant will listen better to your voice. Siri problems – This is ... Read More »

How to be successful in property investment

Property is considered one of the safest investments you can make to increase your asset base, and make your money work harder for you. However, this can also lead many investors into the trap of an unsuccessful property investment, because they do not put in the time, effort and preparation ... Read More »

Smartphone Security Checklist: Why Password is Not Enough

For some time now, people have been more and more dependable on technology and in modern day and age we practically live and breathe through our devices. Our jobs as well as our private lives rely heavily upon the technology we can’t live without anymore, and when something bad happens ... Read More »