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15 Social Media Platforms You Should Be On Already

Leaving out the obvious social media platform — Facebook — these are the 15 social media platforms that you should already be on. Social media is incredibly important today, and neglecting your social media accounts will be extremely detrimental to your networking capabilities and web presence. That doesn’t mean you ... Read More »

13 Technologies Backpackers Can’t Live Without

In the last 20 years, technology has changed backpacking, mountaineering and climbing. 13 technologies explorers can’t live without are: 1. GPS GPS has completely changed the way we backpack, mountaineer and climb. Rather than scanning through topo maps, now we have maps built into devices that can pinpoint our location ... Read More »

15 Wonderful And Frightening Uses Of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology, the science of microscopic machinery, will have the capability to both enhance our lives and possibly destroy the world. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter or about half the diameter of the double helix in our DNA. Nanodevices are small machines built on the molecular scale. The ... Read More »

13 Great Computer Monitors

Choosing the right computer monitor is one of the most important technology decisions you can make. While hardware specs and software choices can have a significant impact on your ability to get work done, the monitors you use will determine how much and what quality the screen real estate will ... Read More »

15 Insane Technological Features Coming To Cars Of The Future

  Cars today may not be flying like we thought they would, but there are still many technological innovations being developed in the automotive industry. With the average car being an important part of almost everyone’s day, the pressure is on for automobile manufacturers to remain competitive and bring their ... Read More »

13 Ways Technology Is Changing The Food On Your Plate

Technology has the power to change everything, including the food that you eat. Advancements in technology have changed food culture in a variety of ways, some subtle and some obvious. In an increasingly technological world, people relate differently to food and food itself has been altered. 1. Fewer cooks are ... Read More »