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Is the Anti-Virus Industry Dying?

There has been speculation as to whether the industry of creating anti-virus software is on its last leg. According to Symantec, a company that is one of the biggest in the industry, this industry is dead and will not be a good way to make money any more for them ... Read More »

Apple’s Biometric EarPods Not Real, Unfortunately

News that Apple was creating biometric earpods caused a great stir, but unfortunately, it turns out that this was a hoax all along. Many leading tech blogs recently reported this rumor, but it turns out that it was nothing more than someone toying with the emotions of Apple fans. According ... Read More »

Microsoft Rumored To Be Launching Mini Tablets Soon

There is a rumor circulating around the industry that Microsoft could be unveiling a new mini tablet as early as this week. According to sources within the industry, Microsoft has been sending out invitations for a tablet launch that is scheduled to take place in New York this week. Most ... Read More »

GM Speaks on Costs of Turning Cars into Wi-Fi Hotspots

Many people have been dreaming of being able to have mobile Internet in their cars, and it seems that this will become a reality on a larger scale very soon. General Motors has already introduced the idea, but so has Audi. Audi might have been the first company to do ... Read More »

Samsung Already Teasing Galaxy S5 Prime

Samsung launched its new S5 only a month ago, and it is already teasing a brand new product. The smartphone and mobile device giant is expect to roll out the Galaxy S5 Prime only two months after the release of the original. Many analysts are saying that this is a ... Read More »

Lenovo Continues to Innovate, Introducing Two New Products

Lenovo is a company that is constantly keeping busy and delivering new products. It is currently unveiling two new products – the ThinkPad 10 and the ThinkStation P300. Both products target business users who are looking for high quality and very intuitive business experiences. The ThinkPad 10 is a ten ... Read More »