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13 Android Productivity Apps You Have To Have

The Android Operating System has made great strides since it was first released in 2008. Since then, a robust open-source app market has given us countless games, hacks, and productivity tools to make our lives better. Here are 13 productivity apps every Android user should know about: 1. PocketCloud Remote Desktop ... Read More »

13 Of The Best Productivity Apps On iOS

It has been a great year for productivity software on iOS. Here are some of the standouts. 1. Mailbox Mailbox is arguably the best e-mail app currently available for iOS. It takes the concept of “mailbox zero” (having zero or as close to zero e-mails in your inbox as possible) ... Read More »

13 Alternatives To Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird flew into our lives and quickly became an obsession. Just as quickly, it smacked into a giant pipe, never to return. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), there are plenty of alternatives to Flappy Bird, most of which are blatant ripoffs of the erstwhile ... Read More »

15 Takeaways From The Flappy Bird Flap

A week ago, Flappy Bird was an obsession and a cultural phenomenon. Today, it’s just a memory. In it short time in the public eye, Flappy Bird taught us a lot about gaming, technology and even ourselves. Here’s a summary of what we can take away from Flappy Bird. 1. ... Read More »