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13 Non-gaming Apps Your Kids Will Love

Your smartphone is a useful tool for work, staying in touch with your friends and family and playing Flappy Bird. However, there is one other important way you can use your smartphone—as a babysitter. Kids love phones. It’s almost comical in a way; even the youngest kids seem to know ... Read More »

13 Innovative Smartphone Apps That Changed The Way People Shop

It’s amazing how mobile technology has thoroughly transformed modern life for many people throughout the world. According to Business Insider, one in five people in the world now own a smartphone and many users rely on them 24/7. Consumers have adapted to a world flooded with smartphones by taking advantage ... Read More »

Facebook Trying To Copy Snapchat again

It was recently reported that Facebook would be getting rid of their Poke application, which is an app that was supposed to compete with the very popular Snapchat application. Facebook really, really likes Snapchat. They tried to buy it for a billion dollars, but were not able to make a ... Read More »

Struggling Blackberry Introduces Budget Handset

BlackBerry, the struggling smartphone maker, is looking to make some waves by releasing a very low cost touchscreen device, first in Jakarta. It is called the Z3, and it is a new budget handset that the company will be offering in Indonesia first. This makes sense, because Indonesia was a ... Read More »

Motorola to introduce Moto E

Motorola is unveiling the Moto E, a water resistant phone with a 4.3 inch screen that costs under $150. The company hopes to attract people who are looking to pay less for a smartphone. And for those who have a bigger budget, they are offering the Moto G, which has ... Read More »

Chadder is a new social message app for private use

Do you need yet another social messaging app? Are you unsatisfied with Viber and WhatsApp? Well, then you can check out a new one coming out called Chadder. This is an app that is coming from the people who created the McAfee antivirus system, so at least you know that ... Read More »