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13 Cool Tech-Based Kickstarter Campaigns That Met Or Exceeded Their Funding Goals

Crowdfunding is the wave of the future, especially when it comes to entrepreneurs needing financing to develop the latest cool technologies. The popular Kickstarter site lets inventors present their ideas to the public with their financing goals. When enough people sign up to pledge the minimum requested funds or more, the ... Read More »

Apple Won’t Be Leading Tech Company in 2020

According to venture capitalist Fred Wilson, Apple will not be the leading technology company in 2020. He says that Apple focuses too much on hardware and not enough on software to remain the leader in technology for very long. He said that by 2020, Apple will not even be in ... Read More »

13 Non-gaming Apps Your Kids Will Love

Your smartphone is a useful tool for work, staying in touch with your friends and family and playing Flappy Bird. However, there is one other important way you can use your smartphone—as a babysitter. Kids love phones. It’s almost comical in a way; even the youngest kids seem to know ... Read More »

What Exactly is “The Internet of Things?”

“The Internet of Things” is something that many people have been talking about recently, but not many are sure of what it is exactly. Many believe that it is a very important topic and that it can have a huge impact on all of our lives. So what is IoT ... Read More »

13 Innovative Smartphone Apps That Changed The Way People Shop

It’s amazing how mobile technology has thoroughly transformed modern life for many people throughout the world. According to Business Insider, one in five people in the world now own a smartphone and many users rely on them 24/7. Consumers have adapted to a world flooded with smartphones by taking advantage ... Read More »

FCC Makes Revisions To Neutrality Plan

After a lot of backlash resulted from plans that were announced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in April, the FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced that there would be revisions made to the originally proposed Net Neutrality Plan. The initial proposal stated that broadband Internet providers would be able to ... Read More »