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Siri Problems 5 Tips To Make The Voice Assistant Work Better

It’s possible that Siri sometimes won’t listen to what you say, or it has trouble understanding you. If that also happens to you, you can try these tips to remedy these problems. This will also ensure that the assistant will listen better to your voice. Siri problems – This is ... Read More »

Interested In Healthy Living?

The Art of Healthy Living is an online health magazine focusing on everything from fitness, food and health through to beauty, wellbeing and lifestyle. Packed with interesting and informative articles, advice and top tips from leading experts in their art, there are also regular product and experience reviews, competitions and giveaways ... Read More »

Smartphone Security Checklist: Why Password is Not Enough

For some time now, people have been more and more dependable on technology and in modern day and age we practically live and breathe through our devices. Our jobs as well as our private lives rely heavily upon the technology we can’t live without anymore, and when something bad happens ... Read More »

15 Social Media Platforms You Should Be On Already

Leaving out the obvious social media platform — Facebook — these are the 15 social media platforms that you should already be on. Social media is incredibly important today, and neglecting your social media accounts will be extremely detrimental to your networking capabilities and web presence. That doesn’t mean you ... Read More »

Is the Anti-Virus Industry Dying?

There has been speculation as to whether the industry of creating anti-virus software is on its last leg. According to Symantec, a company that is one of the biggest in the industry, this industry is dead and will not be a good way to make money any more for them ... Read More »

13 Technologies Backpackers Can’t Live Without

In the last 20 years, technology has changed backpacking, mountaineering and climbing. 13 technologies explorers can’t live without are: 1. GPS GPS has completely changed the way we backpack, mountaineer and climb. Rather than scanning through topo maps, now we have maps built into devices that can pinpoint our location ... Read More »