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Is the Anti-Virus Industry Dying?


There has been speculation as to whether the industry of creating anti-virus software is on its last leg. According to Symantec, a company that is one of the biggest in the industry, this industry is dead and will not be a good way to make money any more for them or anyone else that is in the business of providing anti-virus software solutions.
Symantec still makes about 40 percent of its money from selling anti-virus software, but company representatives believe that these figures will continue to fall. The company president said that most anti-virus software is able to detect threats and stop them from entering the system, but that over 50 percent of threats still make it onto the computer.
He said that the company is going to start focusing on things such as data loss prevention, adding that the shift should be made from software that protects, to software that detects and responds.
A big malware research company from the Netherlands confirmed that anti-virus software no longer does a great job of preventing threats from compromising a computer. The company stated that in research performed this year; more than 30 percent of malware tends to go undetected by software that is specifically made to do that.
Company officials state that protecting yourself from Internet-based threats is still very important, but that the approach to doing so needs to be changed, adding that it needs to be more comprehensive and should not simply rely on software alone.
Modern hackers are constantly changing and improving their malware in order to make sure that it goes unidentified. It seems that the people who are creating malware are more numerous than the people who are working on products that prevent them, which is what is making the threats much more dangerous these days.
The malware industry is moving very fast and constantly changing, and therefore, the industry that detects and removes threats needs to move just as quickly. New generation technologies and approaches are going to be needed in order to keep up with the way in which threats are constantly mutating and making themselves invisible to the current anti-virus software solutions on the market.

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