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13 Technologies Backpackers Can’t Live Without


In the last 20 years, technology has changed backpacking, mountaineering and climbing. 13 technologies explorers can’t live without are:

1. GPS

GPS has completely changed the way we backpack, mountaineer and climb. Rather than scanning through topo maps, now we have maps built into devices that can pinpoint our location to within a few feet. The accuracy of GPS systems is incredible and as long as you have battery life, you will know your way around anywhere.

GPS is great because it is very easy to use. Even if you are terrible with maps, you will be able to use GPS without problems. GPS will not only show you the area that you are located in, it will tell you exactly where you are. You can also pinpoint your destinations and then easily map out the best routes for yourself.

If you don’t know which way you are going, just start walking with the GPS on and the application will show you in which direction you are moving.

GPS is incredibly intuitive and very easy to use for just about anyone, and it has revolutionized the way we travel and get around. There are probably many people today who have no idea how they would live without GPS. People have GPS systems in their cars, and of course, just about every type of smartphone today has GPS that comes with it.

No longer do you have to be good with maps and understand how to use compasses in order to get around in the wilderness.

GPS can make you look like an experienced hiker or backpacker that has been on this particular trail many times, even if it is your first time heading out on that path. It has definitely revolutionized outdoor sports and made backpacking and hiking much easier and therefore more popular than ever before.

Best backpacker GPS: a Garmin, period.

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