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13 Non-gaming Apps Your Kids Will Love


4. Kids Doodle

Drawing and painting programs are always a lot of fun and provide creative fun for kids of all ages. This program does more than just allow the child to draw—these drawings glow too!

5. Coloring Book

This Android coloring book app is just like having hundreds of coloring pages and tons of great colors right there on your smartphone. What better way to keep a bored kid occupied!

6. My Coloring Book

Another coloring book app—this one is designed for use on the iOS. No matter what type of phone you have, a coloring book app is always a great choice.

7. Kids Piano Lite

What is more fun than making music? This must-have piano app lets your little Mozart hone his skills and on your phone no less!

8. Star Walk

Ever wonder what stars are above us, or want to identify a constellation? This app is just the ticket to keeping up with what’s happening way up in the sky.

9. Helicopter Taxi

This app essentially turns your iPhone or iPod touch into an interactive toy. This is perfect for any child who is fascinated by toy planes or helicopters.

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