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13 Non-gaming Apps Your Kids Will Love


Your smartphone is a useful tool for work, staying in touch with your friends and family and playing Flappy Bird. However, there is one other important way you can use your smartphone—as a babysitter. Kids love phones. It’s almost comical in a way; even the youngest kids seem to know how to use an iPhone or Android to access games, take pictures or send text messages to everyone in your contact list.

While you can sit your kids down with that game of Flappy Bird or Candy Crush Saga, there are actually plenty of other cool ways your phone can be the ultimate entertainment and even educational tool. Check out these 13 apps your kids will love—none of which are games!

1. Nike + Move

For the iOS, this app is ideal for getting your kids up and moving. When turned on, it tracks how much walking, jogging, and moving about. Moreover, you can compare your numbers with those of your friends in the game center.

2. So Many Stars

This app introduces even the youngest children to the art in the world around them. It offers an interactive view of some of Andy Warhol’s most approachable pieces of art.

3. Squeebles Times Tables 2

Geared at elementary school age kids, this is an app that focuses on teaching kids those tricky times tables. It offers a fun way to learn the tables from one through fifteen.

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