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Mozilla Turns To Education


Makers of FireFox, Mozilla are not turning towards education. The browser maker is offering free courses on the Internet for anyone who is interested.

No matter where you live, you will be able to access their web literacy classes for free. This is nothing new for Mozilla, they have been working on educating the masses about the Internet for some time. In 2013 alone, officials and speakers from Mozilla held almost 2,000 separate teaching events in over 330 cities.

These new courses are going to focus on four main areas of computer knowledge – the basics of the web ecosystem, the development of educational resources, connecting communities around the world and participatory learning.

The courses will be very diverse and will include not only the basics of Internet technology, but also courses on more sophisticated topics such as coding. There will be many educators and engineers from around the world participating in this project and it will remain free.

According to a statement from Mozilla, having basic web skills today is the key to having a successful future. Even though knowing how to code is useful, there are more basic issues that are being ignored by educators, such as protecting your online data and learning about what online security entails.

While Mozilla has done a lot of educating over the years with seminars and lectures, this will be the biggest undertaking yet. The non-profit company hopes to make the courses very expansive and easy for anyone to access.

It hopes that the courses will become very popular across the globe and that it will lead to a much wider and global understanding of the web, especially in less developed nations.

Mozilla has not stated how much money is going to be needed in order to implement the project, but company officials are stating that this new idea is a priority for the company currently. FireFox is one of the best and most used browsers in the world currently, and Mozilla offers a huge range of free Internet related products, from add-ons, to mail clients, coding and development courses and much more.

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