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13 Innovative Smartphone Apps That Changed The Way People Shop


9. Poshmark

Savvy shoppers can take a peek in others closets for the items they love and want to buy, as well as create and load unique cover shots for the items they want to sell. Users can also arrange “Posh Parties” to search and shop with friends.

10. Consumer Reports Mobile Shopper

For a small yearly fee, users can receive unbiased buyer advice and expert ratings on a broad range of popular products.

11. PoachIt

PoachIt makes it much easier to find valid coupon codes for the latest deals. Users can also favorite items and receive notification whenever they’re on sale.

If you are a coupon freak but are looking for a service that is really intuitive and easy to use, this is probably your best option.

It’s so easy to use that you can even show it to your mother or grandmother and they will have no problem cashing in on the savings using this service.

There are many coupon sites, since couponing has become so popular, but only a handful are truly great. Poachit is definitely one of those.

12. FastMall

With the FastMall app, you’ll always have step-by-step directions to locate shops, restaurants and other features at major shopping malls throughout the U.S., Canada, U.K. and other countries.

13. Red Laser

With the Red Laser app, shoppers don’t have to worry about losing their loyalty cards. The innovative app allows users to scan loyalty cards for their favorite stores and store them on their smartphone for easier access. Shoppers can also scan items and search for them at other stores.

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