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13 Doors Hackers Can Use To Access Data


4. Keystroke Recorders and Emulators

Kestroke recording software records your activity as you browse the Internet, letting hackers capture and recreate the keystrokes you use to log into accounts. Run virus software regularly and keep a regular eye on data and accounts to identify such an attack early.

5. Phishing Schemes

Hackers contact individuals via email, text, and phone in an attempt to get password or other information from people. Never give your account information out to someone over the phone, and don’t believe someone who says your they called you out of the blue because your computer is compromised and you need to download something to fix it.

6. USB Devices

You wouldn’t have unprotected sex with everyone in the office, and you shouldn’t share USB devices without some amount of caution. Thumb drives and other devices are an easy way hackers can spread viruses, and careless users can infect other people’s computers. Always scan an unknown drive before you download anything.

7. Open or Low-Security WiFi Networks

Keeping an open WiFi network is like hanging an “Open for Hacking” sign outside your home or business. Lock your WiFi down with a strong password and avoid using generic passwords like “guest” or the name of your business. Change passwords regularly if you hand out cards or documents to guests with the password attached.

8. Web-based Databases

Every part of a website offers a potential window to hackers. The bigger the site, the easier it is for hackers to infiltrate without notice. Use access and data-change logs to audit your web-based databases for suspicious activity to identify possible breaches.

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