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13 Doors Hackers Can Use To Access Data


As fast as tech companies create data security solutions, hackers find ways around security and into your data. From well-known doors to Internet trickery, here’s a look at how cyber criminals are scaling the walls of your virtual defense and how you can fend them off.

1. Weak Passwords

You’ve probably heard that “password” and “password123” are not effective ways to secure accounts. Still, millions of people use these passwords regularly. Combat hackers with passwords that don’t include familiar words and are made up of numbers, letters, and special characters.

2. Malicious Downloads

Hackers are sneaky, which means you need to be vigilant on the Internet. Clicking links in emails or social media could bring you to sites that automatically download malicious software to your computer.
Don’t click if you’re not sure about the link, and keep spyware, virus software, and pop-up blockers running.

3. Stolen Information

Hackers use physical data to access virtual data. Information stolen from wallets, desks, and trash bins is mined for personal information that helps hackers access systems and accounts.
Don’t write passwords down and shred documents that contain sensitive information.

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