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13 Interesting Things To Do With 3D Printers

MultiColor Mobile Phone plastic cases

3. Create Your Own Smartphone Case

Want to stand out in a crowd? Don’t settle for a mass-produced smartphone case. Design your own on a computer and output it with a 3D printer to show the world your unique style.

4. Doctors Output New Blood Vessels for Dialysis Patients

The artificial blood vessels currently used to deliver large amounts of filtered blood into the bodies of dialysis patients are made of resin and are prone to infection. Doctors are now testing 3D printing to make blood vessels out of the patient’s own skin cells.

5. Skirt Gun Control Laws

Gun enthusiasts frustrated by gun control laws may start sharing 3D models for gun parts and print out their own firearms from the comfort of their home.

6. Print Prosthetic Limbs for Amputees

Victims of war who have lost a limb often have to go without an arm or leg because of the high cost of conventional prosthetic limbs. 3D printing technology will enable them to get inexpensive replacement limbs.

7. Create Portable Ramps for Wheelchair Users

Wheelchair users can’t safely cross the street when there is no curb cut. Now they can print out a pair of small, portable ramps that are light enough to carry everywhere and use at a moment’s notice.

8. Produce Customized Horseshoes That Fit Perfectly

Why force your horse to wear one-size-fits-all horseshoes? Instead, scan the horse’s hooves and output customized horseshoes using strong and lightweight titanium.

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