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13 Interesting Things To Do With 3D Printers

3D printer

A revolution is taking place in the manufacturing industry, enabling people to produce a wide variety of objects using 3D printers. With 3D printing technology, consumers will no longer have to rely on mass-produced items. Everyone will be able customize the things they want and print them out with a home printer, on demand.

A 3D printer receives instructions from a computer file that describes in detail what the object looks like and how big it is. Then, the printer deposits consecutive layers of plastic or other materials under computer control to build the object.

Whether you are looking to replace a broken piece of equipment, want a new and unique case for your smartphone or need a prosthetic substitute for a body part, 3D printing is poised to let us print out items that we need, when we want them, faster and more economically than with traditional manufacturing methods.

1. Generate Your Own Open Source Furniture

The open source movement enables people to share designs with one another. After choosing a furniture style, you’ll download the file and print out your selection, such as dining room table, chairs or barstool.

2. Print out New Board Game Pieces When Your Kids Lose Them

How many homes are filled with board games that have missing pieces, such as checkers, Scrabble tiles or Monopoly figurines?
Use your 3D printer to generate a replacement and soon you’ll be back to playing your favorite game.

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