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Apple And Google Settle Patent Dispute


One of the highest profile legal battles in the technology industry has finally come to an end. Technology giants Apple and Google have settled a dispute that the two companies had regarding smartphone technology patents.

The two companies released a joint statement, saying that the patent dispute has been settled and that the settlement will not include any cross licensing of company patents.

The suit was initially filed between Motorola and Apple, but Google has purchased Motorola since then. Google purchases Motorola in 2012 for 12.5 billion dollars. Even though the handset business of Motorola was then sold to Lenovo, Google has decided to keep many of the patents for mobile phone technology that were originally Motorola’s.

According to the joint statement that was released, the two companies agreed to dismiss all current lawsuits that exist between them and will be working together in some areas of patent reform.

In the original lawsuit, Motorola had accused Apple of patent infringements in a few cases, and the most serious one was the way in which the 3G networks operate on a smartphone. However, Apple countered with accusations of its own that Motorola had infringed on some of its smartphone related patents.

Since Google took over Motorola, the media has made the entire thing out to be a legal battle between the two most popular smartphone operating systems – Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

Apple had stated that Android was a duplicate of its operating system and that Android was infringing on a vast number of copyright laws.

This settlement was quite a surprise to just about everyone following the case. It was seen as a true war between the two leading smartphone companies and most industry analysts expected the cases to head to the courts soon.

However, it turns out that both companies are more interested in working together to resolve these, issues, and hope that they will be able to work through all of the intricacies of the patent laws and product development.

It’s not common that you see such serious competition work together, but it seems that working it out this way will be better for all parties involved.

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