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Why Xbox One And Kinect Are Good Together


If you follow video gaming consoles, then you probably already know that Microsoft has made an announcement that Xbox One will now be able to be bought without Kinect.

Analysts earlier thought that this would happen by 2015, but it seems that it will already be happening this year.

There are many people who are celebrating this, but at the same time, there are some who are saying that the package is a much better solution in the long run.

Even though this is a popular move for consumers, because many people would rather just buy one system or the other, this move will have its downsides as well.

Microsoft is probably doing this because it believes that sales will increase as a result. PS4 is selling much more, and Microsoft needs to stay competitive, so they are making a move that would appear to be something that the consumers want and have been waiting for.

Now the Xbox One and Kinect will be cheaper to buy separately, and Microsoft hopes that this will result in an increase of sales for both of the consoles.

However, this can also be seen as a bad move. Originally, there was no choice. If you bought the Xbox One when it came out, you had to buy the Kinect with it. And this is something that most of Microsoft’s most loyal fans and buyers did.

However, now the company is giving a choice to potential new buyers – a choice that was not given to their most loyal fans. This will definitely cause a lot of Microsoft’s most loyal supports to be upset – and with good reason.
Also, the fact that the Xbox One came with Kinect was one of the biggest selling points of the console.

Now, there really is no upside to buying an Xbox instead of a PS4. Sure, there are exclusive games that are available only for the Xbox One, but this move will definitely level the playing field and make the Xbox and PS4 look very similar in terms of what the costumers are getting.

Also, Microsoft now has to take back a lot of what it used to push to consumers and turn back on its initial selling points. Kinect was always seen as an integral part of the Xbox One experience and a very fundamental part of the entire platform.

And now Microsoft is saying that this is no longer true, which could further confuse and anger its customers.

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