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Microsoft Rumored To Be Launching Mini Tablets Soon


There is a rumor circulating around the industry that Microsoft could be unveiling a new mini tablet as early as this week. According to sources within the industry, Microsoft has been sending out invitations for a tablet launch that is scheduled to take place in New York this week.

Most people believe that the company will be releasing a mini version of their Surface tablets. Since the Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 tablets have already been released, it would only be logical that the next release would be a mini tablet to compliment these two.

However, there is no real information available yet. Will it just be a smaller version of the Surface 2, or will it have the added features and capabilities of the Surface 2 Pro? Most people are hoping that it will be more like the Surface 2 Pro, and here is why.

The regular Surface 2 runs on Windows RT, which is a very unpopular version of Windows which is designed for mobile phones more than it is for tablets. It will not run regular Windows applications, and there is a general consensus on the market that putting this Windows on the tablet was not a good idea.

The Surface 2 Pro, however, is a Windows 8.1 computer and can run any Windows application that was ever written, which is why it is the preferred tablet by a long shot.

There are some other signs that are pointing towards the unveiling of a mini Surface. One of the most obvious ones is the fact that Amazon is already selling covers for a mini Surface, calling it s Surface X. This could be the name of the surface, but the X could also just be a placeholder that will be filled in once the announcement has been made.

Even though the released will almost definitely be for a mini Surface that will either be a seven or eight inch tablet, there is a good chance that Microsoft will be making more big announcements this week at the press conference.

Expect to hear good news about the Surface 3 Pro as well, which is expected to feature an updated and more powerful and efficient Intel processor.

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