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Champion Boxer Knocks Out Internet Troll


We all know how annoying Internet trolls can be. The general rule of thumb for an Internet troll is that they are not as brave in person as they are in the Internet.

This type of trolling has become so rampant because these kinds of people who are insecure about themselves believe that they can say hurtful and hateful things to people over the Internet, and that they will suffer no repercussions from this.

However, sometimes you are going to get called out, especially if you are a big enough troll.

That is exactly what happened to notorious Internet troll Charlie Zelenoff, a guy who calls himself the human cyborg and claims to be a world class fighter from the safety of his bedroom and computer screen.

He has been trolling many online for years, and most notably, he has been trolling champion boxer Deontay Wilder. According to reports, Zelenoff has been annoying Wilder online for years now.

Not only has he been doing it online and with social media, Zelenoff has also made threatening phone calls to the undefeated boxing champ.

And it gets worse. Zelenoff has thrown racial slurs at the boxer and even made fun of Wilder’s sick daughter, who suffers from spina bifada.

Zelenoff decided to take the altercations to the next level and challenged Wilder to a fight at a boxing gym in Hollywood. And of course, Wilder could not wait for the opportunity.

At the start of the fight, the two were in the rink and Zelenoff took a cheap shot and bolted for the door. However, he was not allowed to leave and the fight continued on the floor of the gym after the troll was brought back.

Once the finally squared up against each other, Wilder knocked him out pretty quickly, and if it was not for people there holding him off, Wilder could have seriously injured the young punk.

That did not stop Zelenoff from continuing to berate the boxer while Wilder’s team was holding him back. He said that the knockout was a fluke and that he would like a rematch. Wilder refuses to fight the troll again. Some people never learn, it seems.

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