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Lenovo Continues to Innovate, Introducing Two New Products


Lenovo is a company that is constantly keeping busy and delivering new products. It is currently unveiling two new products – the ThinkPad 10 and the ThinkStation P300. Both products target business users who are looking for high quality and very intuitive business experiences.

The ThinkPad 10 is a ten inch business tablet that offers an experience very similar to what users would get with a regular PC, and of course, the business features are its main focus. If you are looking for connectivity and flexibility, this might be the tablet for you. It has a very lightweight design, even though it is incredibly sturdy and boasts Gorilla glass to keep the HD screen safe. There are four modes in which it can be used – Tablet, Stand, Laptop and Desktop – which suits the needs of just about anyone. Users can add a mouse via USB, as well as a Bluetooth keyboard. It can also be attached to a ThinkPad 10 Ultrabook, in order to get access to a full sized keyboard. It also has an eight megapixel camera to boot.

The ThinkPad 10 comes with a very intuitive design as well.

If you are looking to spend less money, then the ThinkStation P300 might interest you. It has enough processing power to run just about any type of applications you need, while still remaining low in price. It also has a level of customization that is almost equal to the ThinkPad 10. If you are looking for a cost effective way to update your desktop setup while not sacrificing the features and flexibility of your previous desktop option, it is a create choice. It also makes a great companion to the ThinkPad 10 and Lenovo states that when the two are combined, business professions should never need another product. It gives them the versatility of having a tablet and laptop all in one, while also having the securing and robustness of a desktop-like computer whenever they need it as well.

The ThinkStation is also a good option for people who want a new desktop computer but don’t want to have to worry about putting the components together themselves. It is all put in a pretty package for business users and can be bought currently for under $800, which is a premium price for people looking for a brand new desktop PC.

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