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Chadder is a new social message app for private use


Do you need yet another social messaging app? Are you unsatisfied with Viber and WhatsApp? Well, then you can check out a new one coming out called Chadder. This is an app that is coming from the people who created the McAfee antivirus system, so at least you know that is safe to install.

So what makes Chadder different from the rest of the social messaging apps out there? According to reports, Chadder is being billed as a private social messaging service. So what does that mean? It seems to mean that members will be able to send encrypted messages through the Chadder server which will not be seen by anyone, not even service operators.

The app is completely free and has just entered beta testing. It was created by McAfee’s owners Future Tense Systems and Etransfr, which is an up and coming New York City based startup.

There have not been any press releases given and there is litter information on the Internet available about the app, but from what industry people are saying, the encryption is what will make the app a popular one. There are many people who are worried about security when communicating online, and this seems to be a social app that is aimed towards these types of people.

Even though it’s secure, Chadder is still supposed to be fun, according to the makers. So it should have all of your favorite icons, badges and pictures available, but when you send a picture of a panda with Chadder, you will be sure that only the person you are sending it to will be able to see it.

The makers of Chadder are saying that the service is so private that not even they can access your conversations. Are there enough people out there who are paranoid about this and would like to use such a service? We will find out when it comes out.

However, it probably will not end up rivaling any of the more popular social messaging apps and services that are already available. But if you are someone who is worried that third parties are reading your sensitive personal conversations, then you might want to check out Chadder when it comes out.

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