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Tesco Hudl Could Become Galaxy S5’s Big Rival


If you have never heard of Tesco phones, get ready, because you are going to start hearing a lot about them. Tesco is a UK supermarket giant that is set to launch a phone called the Hudl this year, and many insiders are reporting that it is going to be a good one.

The Tesco Hudl is supposed to be similar to the Galaxy’ S5, which is one of the most popular Android smartphones on the market currently. Tesco Hudl is expected to be its main rival, considering that the price of the new phone is supposed to be very favorable once it is released. The Tesco Hudl tablet was released late last year and has done very well. According to company spokespeople, the tablet has sold over 550,000 units since October.

Tesco has yet to release any details related to the specs of the Tesco Hudl, but many phone industry insiders say that it will be quite similar to what the Galaxy phone offers. That means that the phone will be much better and more sophisticated than the tablet that the company released. The tablet sold well, but most do not consider it to be a to market product. However, the Tesco Hudl phone is expected to be up to par with many other leading phones in terms of functionality and specs. The fact that it might end up being significantly cheaper than most other phones in its category might seem scary for competitors like Samsung.

Just like the tablet, the phone is expected to come with some free apps that Tesco makes. This includes the Clubcard and Groceries apps, along with Blinkbox Movies and Music. There are also rumors that Tesco is creating a new retail app that will let people buy online from their tablets and phones. This app is expected to be released along with the new phone.

Tesco also announced that a new version of the tablet will hit the market this year. While it will be similarly priced as the first one, the specifications are supposed to be a lot better on the new one. So with a new phone of good quality and a cheap but improved tablet on the market in 2014, Tesco could look to make some waves on the Android mobile device market this year.

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