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According To Leaked Renders, HTC One Mini 2 Will Come In 3 Colors


Android users have been really excited about the announcement of the HTC One Mini 2, and these recently leaked pictures make the phone even more intriguing. According to the photos that were leaked by notorious leakers @evleaks, the phone will come in three different colors. Strangely, it appears that there will not be a black one at first, rather, the initial release will feature a gray, gold and silver version of the phone.

It is important to remember that nothing is confirmed as of yet, however, it should also be noted that @evleaks have a good track record of being right and leaking real information before it is made public.

Looking at the leaked photos, it also appears that some of the other rumored features might still be in the mix. The phone is expected to have a 13-megapixel camera, instead of a lo-res one. This information can be grafted from the fact that the , HTC One Mini 2 looks to have only one shooter, which means that it is probably the same, state of the art, 13-megapixel shooter that the Desire 816 sports currently.

Phone will debut in gray, gold, and silver and will offer different camera tech than the dual lenses on the M8’s back, according to the alleged photo.

The HTC One M8 that is currently available has a lo-res camera, so it is natural that this new one is going to get an upgrade. If you are looking for other rumors related to the specs that will be found on the HTC One Mini 2, many believe that is will feature Android 4.4 KitKat, a Snapdragon 400 processor and Sense 6 user interface. Again, these features would be very similar to what the Desire 816 sports currently.

The rumored specs compare well with the Desire, but still, people looking for a more powerful phone will probably continue to opt for the M8. At the same time, the HTC One Mini 2 will be a great option for people who are looking for similar functionality, but would rather have a smaller phone.

The design of the HTC One Mini 2 and the M8 are quite similar, and the main difference is that the HTC One Mini 2 comes in a smaller package and is not as big. There is no news yet on a released date for the new phone.

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