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New MacBook Air Slower Than The Old Ones?


Apple fans probably noticed that the company recently released a new lineup of MacBook Air’s that cost about one hundred dollars less than they did previously. However, if you are looking for significant changes and improvements, you won’t find many. Apple has stated that these units are not all new models, simple updates of the originals.

So what is the big difference? Other than price, there really aren’t many. The new ones did get a 100MHz CPU speed bump, however, it seems that they are using slower SSDs this time around. Here is a look at what is new with these versions of the MacBook Air.

No matter whether you are buying the 11 or 13 inch screen version, you are getting the same exact CPU. It is running a fourth generation Intel Core i5 at 1.4GHz. The difference is that the last versions that were launched were running at 1.3GHz.

The biggest difference is that Apple is not using the same supplier for SDDs that it was using with the initial launch of the MacBook Air. They are still using PCI Express SSDs, but this time around, Apple is not giving any information on the exact model or who the manufacturer is. Everything else is the same – the same graphics processor, the exact same amount of RAM and SSD sizes.

The interesting thing is that the new SDDs seem to be slower than the old ones. While it is not a significant margin, Apple insiders say that the speed difference is noticeable and measureable. Many websites that follow Apple products closely have taken a look at this and have performed their own, independent speed tests. According to Apple Insider, the 2013 version of the MacBook Air scored 2,461 and 4,615 in single-core and multi-core tests while the 2014 version scored 2,532 and 4,781 respectively.

While experts say that programs such as Photoshop, PCMark 8 and Handbreak open up faster on the newer version, many say that it takes twice as long now to copy data to and from the SDDs of the new MacBook Air.

These speed decreases will probably not be significant in the long run. It is something that most of the general population will not even notice, and considering that the 2014 versions are now 100 dollars cheaper than the 2013, Apple will surely see an increase in sales.

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