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13 Fun And Interesting Gadgets For Pet Owners


4. Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Anyone who is tired of the drudgery of cleaning out a cat litter box will appreciate the benefits of an automatic sell-cleaning cat litter box. It reduces odors and gives your cat a more hygienic experience.

5. Ultrasonic Collar To Keep Dogs From Barking All Day

If your faithful dog has been keeping the neighbors up all night with constant barking, you can use an ultrasonic collar that will emit a harmless high-pitched tone to startle the pooch and discourage further barking.

6. Automatic Pet Food Dispenser

There’s no need to worry about feeding your dog when you have to work late or go out of town unexpectedly. An automatic pet food dispenser supplies nutrition on demand.

7. Mirror Mate

The Mirror Mate lets you record any sound, such as your own voice and will replay it every time your pet bird approaches.

Birds love listening to their owners and imitating their voices.

8. Temperature Regulating Pet Bed

Keep your dog or cat warm and cozy with a special temperature-regulating pet bed from HammacherSchlemmer.

Its shell contains millions of microcapsules made from the same material used to help astronauts deal with temperature changes.

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