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13 Things To Consider Before Choosing Between A Desktop, Laptop, Or Tablet


4. How much do you type on a typical day?

Although tablets have touchscreen keyboards and an increasing number of third-party peripheral keyboards, they are still less effective than a traditional keyboard. If you regularly type lots of documents or e-mails, you’re probably better off going with a laptop or desktop as your primary device.

5. Are you comfortable using only a touch screen?

For some, the touch screen is a revolutionary interface. For others, it is still a frustrating and clumsy way to control a device. If you love the ease and speed of a touch screen, using a tablet as your daily device might make sense.

However, if you still get apprehension using the screen on your smartphone, it might be better to wait another year or two before going fully touchscreen.

6. How much hard drive space do you need?

Cloud-based storage is making it easier to do without massive amounts of local hard drive space. If you can do without hundreds of Gigabytes of local data, a tablet might work for you. If you prefer access to all of your data without an internet connection, a laptop or desktop are the only ways to go.

7. Are you typically out of the office/classroom?

If you typically need access to your computer away from your desk, a desktop is out of the question. The other factors listed here should provide guidance when deciding between a tablet and laptop.

8. How much are you planning to spend?

Desktops still offer the best bang for the buck in terms of processor power, RAM, hard drive space, etc. If you are on a budget and can do without portability, a desktop is the way to go.

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