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13 Things To Consider Before Choosing Between A Desktop, Laptop, Or Tablet


Portable computing has undergone a massive revolution over the past few years. Increasingly powerful chipsets requiring less battery power are released every year, and the relatively new tablet industry is changing the way everyone from college students to CEOs carry their digital tools and information. However, for most of us, the cost of these devices means that we will usually be purchasing one device at a time.

Here are 13 things you should consider before deciding between a desktop, laptop, or tablet as your next device.

1.Which of your devices is in the best condition?

Sometimes choosing your next device can be as simple as replacing the one in the worst condition. If your desktop or laptop is hopelessly outdated, you might be better off simply replacing it rather than adding the expense of a tablet to your refresh cycle.

2. Do you need portability?

If you need portability, a desktop is essentially out of the question. Laptops are increasingly used as a desktop replacement, but for the cutting edge in lightweight portability there is nothing better than a tablet.

3. What applications do you use?

Certain applications have limited or zero functionality on tablet operating systems. Before investing hundreds of dollars in a tablet, make sure it will be able to run the software you use on a regular basis.

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