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13 Indispensible Travel Apps


Heading out onto the open road? Let your fingers do the walking with these essential mobile apps:

1. Hotel Tonight

Do you like to make travel plans on the spur of the moment?
This hotel-booking app is just right for you.

It shows you last minute hotel deals at venues at all star levels all over the country.

2. Yelp

Personal reviews are often the best way to get the skinny of good food, great clubs and other entertainment.
Simply select the area you are visiting, and sort reviews from high to low to see the best an area has to offer.

You can even use GPS to find out what bars and restaurants are nearby.

3. Expedia

Expedia is one of the best places to find cheap airline tickets, rental cars and hotel deals.
The app makes it easy to search from your phone, and also gives you access to mobile-only deals.

You can even buy event tickets and cruises through Expedia.

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