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13 Technologies That Are Helping Parents


5. Video Monitors

Video monitors reduce parental worries no matter where you are. Take a quick peak without waking baby in the night or keep an eye on babysitters and nannies when you access video feeds through mobile devices. The newest devices even monitors baby’s breathing to reduce the risk of SIDS.

6. Search Engines

Google and its competitors have changed the way parents react to many issues. From milestones to medical emergencies, Google is often the first stop for information. According to a University of Florida study, 86 percent of parents with Internet access used it to look up health information, though only 23 percent discussed those findings with their children’s doctor.

7. Social Media

Parents who feel like they don’t get enough adult engagement daily can connect with moms and dads online through social media, blogs, and forums to swap stories, complaints, and comfort. Social media also gives parents a unique window into their children’s lives and social interactions.

If you require your teen to friend you on social networks as a condition of smarthphone ownership or allowing a social media profile, you might be surprised what you learn about their friends and lives.

8. Blackboard

Blackboard and other educational portals let parents keep up with their kids’ schoolwork and progress. Schools across the country are implementing these technologies at all ages, making it easier to communicate with teachers, see what homework is due, and track grades.

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