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13 Technologies That Are Helping Parents


From smartphones to smart diapers, technology is changing the way parents deal with life and kids. In the past few years, these 13 innovations have revolutionized parenting.

1. Smart Phones

Now, even preschoolers carry “emergency phones.” For around $10 a month, you can add a basic line to your plan and reduce worry about where your children are and whether they need you.

2. GPS

With many kids equipped with smart phones, parents can use GPS to track their offsprings’ movements. Download an app like Footprints to track your kids and help them meet up with friends.
Only those who have permissions can see the location of your child, increasing security.

3. Tablets

From the Kindle Fire to Apple’s robust line of tablets, portable devices provide a full-package parenting suite in a slim carrying case.
Manage family schedules, make appointments, touch base with teachers, and help kids complete homework with a portable device.

The best part is that you can do it all on the go, which improves productivity for the entire busy family.

4. Smart. . . Everything

Everyone knows that phones are smart, but did you know there are smart diapers? Japanese researchers are working on an affordable, disposable sensor that will ping parents when diapers are damp. No more awkward diaper checks in social settings!

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