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13 Reasons You Should Wait Before Buying Your Next Laptop


Technology in laptops has advanced rapidly over the past few years. However, 2014 is poised to be one of the biggest years in laptop history. Here are 13 reasons you should wait until later in the year to purchase your next laptop.

1. Intel Haswell Processors

Intel’s new chipsets (commonly known by the popular “Haswell” moniker), offer dramatically better power conservation techniques that improve the battery life of any laptop it is in. Apple’s MacBook lineup already is utilizing this chipset, as are a few Windows-based manufacturers.

2014 will be the year in which they become far more commonplace and affordable.

2. MacBook Pro updates coming

There have been rumors for a few months now that Apple’s MacBook Pro series is due for a significant update.
The Retina Display model has only seen incremental updates since 2012, so if you’re looking at purchasing an Apple laptop this year, it is worth waiting to see what Apple has in store.

3. MacBook Air refresh, possibly a 14” or 15” new model

This is also the year that Apple is expected to update their MacBook Air series.

Rumors indicate that the Air is set to receive Retina displays, and a 14” or 15” model might be released as well.

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