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13 Career Opportunities For Technology Lovers


4. Rocket Scientist

You can’t get to the moon without rocket scientists. Humans are just now beginning to enjoy commercial space flight, and as the technology becomes more affordable, we will need more rocket scientists to build the spacecraft that will take us to the stars.

5. Special Effects Engineer

Amusement parks are filled with thrill rides that rely on advanced technology, ranging from computer-controlled vehicles to animated figures that scare and delight us. These rides require the efforts of special effects engineers to operate safely and precisely.

6. Smartphone App Designer

The smartphone revolution gives everyone a computer that fits in the pocket or purse. If you become a smartphone app designer, you’ll have the opportunity to see your programming skills serve thousands, if not millions of users.

7. Tech Blogger

Anyone who enjoys keeping up with the latest developments in technology will want to consider becoming a tech blogger. You’ll have access to news before the general public, and you’ll get to have fun learning about the technology every day.

8. Weapons Manufacturer

The nation is always in need of new weapons to help us hold the line against our enemies. Let your sense of patriotism and duty combine with your interest in technology to become an employee at a weapons manufacturing firm, and help keep your country safe.

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